We can help you get from confused to confident when bully proofing your child.

10 Ways to Build Your Child’s Confidence After Bullying

building your child’s confidence

Imagine your child has been through a really tough time because of bullying. It’s like they’ve been caught in a rainstorm and now, we need to help them find their rainbow. This post is all about giving them back their sparkle and building confidence after bullying. We’re going to talk about simple, heartfelt ways to […]

Feeling Overwhelmed as a Mom: Tips to Help You Cope

feeling overwhelmed as a mom

Oh, being a mom can be overwhelming – it’s like being handed the most precious gift and the heftiest responsibility all at once, isn’t it? Especially if you’re new to this incredible journey, the weight of caring for your little one while keeping everything else afloat can really press down on you. You’re not alone […]

My Child is feeling unsafe at school: Dealing with bullying

dealing with bullying

Hearing the words, “I don’t feel safe at school,” from your child can stop you in your tracks. That sanctuary of learning, where they should be flourishing, has become a place they fear because of bullying. It’s a harsh reality for too many children, making every school day a test of courage. This isn’t just […]

Why Do Schools Punish Victims of Bullying? Exploring the Unfortunate Reality

victim of bullying

When your child is blamed for being bullied at school, it’s a tough spot for any parent.  In this blog, we’ll explore this painful reality and how you, as a parent, can help. It’s about understanding the situation, standing up for your child, and finding the best way forward together. The Victim’s Perspective If you’ve […]

10 Things to say when your child says everyone hates them

when everyone hates me

It can come as a shock when one day out of nowhere your child says that everyone hates them. Seeing your child struggle with the feeling that they’re not liked can turn your world upside down. It’s a sentence that echoes in your mind long after they’ve said it: “Nobody likes me.” You’re there, ready […]

What to Say When Your Child is Being Excluded at School: Tips and Advice

your child excluded at school

Understanding Exclusion The feeling of exclusion can profoundly impact a child’s self-esteem and overall well-being. As parents, witnessing your children go through such experiences can be equally distressing. It is crucial to address this issue and find ways to support your children during these challenging times. What is Exclusion? Exclusion at school is when a child […]

My Child Eats Lunch Alone at School: Strategies for Helping Kids Make Friends

my child eats lunch alone

As a parent, it can be absolutely devastating when you find out your child eats lunch at school alone. When you picture your child at school, you imagine them laughing and chatting with friends, especially during those lively lunch breaks, right? It’s a scene filled with warmth, companionship, and shared giggles over sandwiches.  But what […]

Why do kids hate school? Understanding the root causes

Why do kids hate school

Most common reasons kids don’t like school As parents, we may be upset and very concerned if your child announces, “I hate school!” Parents think that school is going to to be this great place with they enjoy learning and hanging out with their friends. But you must understand that it’s natural for kids to […]

How social media impacts bullying: a close look

social media impacts bullying

Understanding bullying Bullying is an aggressive action done to intentionally harm someone. It creates a dangerous power shift between the bully and their victim, where the latter repeatedly experiences physical, emotional, or psychological trauma. It takes several forms, including:  1. Physical bullyingIntimidating or harming the victim using physical force. 2. Verbal bullyingUsing words to cause […]

My friend’s kid is mean to my child

my friends kid is mean to my child

When your friend’s kid is mean to your child it can come as a shock. All of us know that our child’s behavior can be unpredictable at times. Children can be happy one minute, and half an hour later they are acting out or having a tantrum. We need to remember that behavior is a […]