We can help you get from confused to confident when bully proofing your child.

The three levels of bullying

The three levels of bullying

There are three levels of bullying and all of them can be hard for the parent and for the child. You want to take stock of this situation and assess what’s been going on with the bullying and your child. And the level of action you take will be determined by how serious the bullying […]

Is your child being  bullied, stressing you out?

When your are stressed out by your child being bullied

When your child’s teased or picked on at school, as a parent, truthfully it is stressful, it can be really hard to think about anything else. It  could be a shock, it may be one of your child’s close friends that is the leader of the bullying. Anais was telling me that she kept replaying […]

Bullied children need their parents to be their advocate

Kids need their parents to be advocates when they are going through a  bullying situation. Your child isn’t going to figure this out or resolve the issue on their own. It can be incredibly stressful for parents trying to help with bullying, but it’s even more stressful for your child and they need your support. […]

Why do parents often refuse to believe that their own child is a bully?

When parents refuse to believe that their child is a bully

It can be difficult for parents to believe that their own child could bully someone else, but there are many signs to look out for. If you find yourself asking “Why won’t parents believe that their child is a bully?” then this blog post will help answer your questions and give you advice on how […]

When you hate your child’s bully

When you hate your child's bully

When you find out that your child’s being bullied, it’s normal to feel extreme anger. You may even feel hatred towards your child’s bully. In fact, you’ve probably never been so angry in your life as finding out that your child has been targeted and picked on. It’s like being sucker-punched, it is devastating.  And it’s […]