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Don’t make getting picked on harder for your kid

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I recently did a video where I shared that if your child has a behavior that makes them an easy target for bullies, the kind thing to do as a parent is course correct your child’s behavior so they’re not going to continue to be an easy mark in the future.

What was interesting about that is a mum replied, no, just no. Then she said, the bullied child is not the problem. It’s okay to be different. The parents who raised the bully failed, not the other way around.

No, don't blame the bullied child

I agree it’s not the bully child’s fault. Kids can be cruel when they think someone is different in size, actions, and how they think. They will target someone they think is an easy mark. If your child has an awkward behavior, it may be your child.


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We can’t control what bullies do

The truth is, we can’t control what other people do. I think that the mother who made the comment truthfully had wishful thinking because if you’re waiting for a thousand people to change before your child can have a better experience at school, you’re going to be waiting a pretty long time.

Waiting for others to change won't help your bullied child

We need to take the matter into our own hands and help our children as much as possible. If you want the world to be a better place, why not start with your own kid. 

It’s very important that your child learns to calm their triggers when what provokes them at school or when people make fun of them. Some kids are more easily triggered than others.

Your child needs to really learn how to not react 

Your child needs to really learn how to not react and how to shut down teasing. Sometimes humans can be like sheep they’ll see one person being picked on and they will all follow along and jump on. That’s the last thing that we want for your kid at school. 

Some kids haven’t learned the ability to think for themselves yet and just follow the bully. We want to make things easier for our kids, not harder. We don’t want to set our kids up to be magnets for mistreatment. 

If your kid is being picked on, you’re gonna have to help them and set them up to learn some new skills. 

After taking our bully-proofing course, one dad said, this course is like martial arts for your kid’s mind. Your kid doesn’t have to go through this alone.

He was happy to have a more confident, assertive kid who wasn’t such an easy mark at school. It’s like wild gazelles or on the Serengeti.  People pick on who they think is the weakest kid, who they can make fun of, or who they can put down. 

We want our kids to be prepared for bullies and know how to respond

We need to build our kids up to be as confident as possible and ready to deal with these kinds of situations. 

People will mistreat you as much as you allow them to, and this goes for kids or adults because we’ve all had that friend who’s put us down, got away with it, and then finally we get the nerve and shut them down and they stop.

A lot of people sign up for my verbal self-defense training because  they have someone that publicly humiliates them.  It’s been going on forever and they find it mortifying, it’s so cringe.

Once they learn the skill, they can shut it down quickly. It is just that it is a skill, a skill that anyone can learn adults or kids.

The world we live in today, even more so because kids are on social media. If you’re an influencer, you’re going to be heckled. People are going to look for a reaction, they’re going to try and bait you with phones, etc. 

These are skills that we need to learn even more in today’s world. Someone recently signed up for our bundle because they were a street performer.

Everyone, even a street performer needs to learn a verbal self-defense

They had to learn how to handle heckling, which is kind of interesting because when you think about that, you have to develop a really strong backbone.

Be there for your kid, and give them the support and help that they need we don’t want our kids to go through this alone.

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Don't make getting picked on harder for your kid when they are being bullied or picked on at school.


Do you worry about your child being picked on? Our Bullyproof Your Child Quickly Guide will show you how to bullyproof your child in just 4 simple steps. The guide includes our letter to the school template. It’s a game changer–get it free for a limited time!


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